Market Research and Intelligence

TAG's independent market research desk publishes market intelligence as well as assists in executing contracts and providing customer support.

Experts in translating how wholesale market conditions and geo-political events affect your bottom-line.

Market summaries are generated to manage opportunities before, during, and after our clients' next agreement. These reports include natural gas storage data, weather data, historical price settlements, and market commentary.

Our supply desk also provides customer-specific reports, including a full procurement report with an independent and unbiased opinion to support our strategy recommendation.

Taurus Advisory Group derives its primary market intelligence through actively monitoring wholesale market prices and surveying institutional market participants on a daily basis. We also incorporate economic indicators and geo-political events as well as regulatory updates and prices trends into each clients' recommendation.

Information is our currency.

Weather Fundamentals

From natural gas storage levels to Hurricane demand destruction, Weather fundamentals play a key role in monitoring price action as supply and demand are heavily reliant on daily weather patterns and forecast updates.

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