Residential energy pool

Enroll in our pool and leverage the group's buying power ro reduce your cost

Eliminate the Hassle of evaluating suppliers and market prices

Maximize buying opportunities by allowing professionals to time the energy markets

Residential energy can be a daunting marketplace to navigate. It is filled with confusing supplier options, terms, products, and fees. These numerous options complicate the process and make it very time consuming to be an informed decision-maker. 


Taurus Advisory Group's residential energy pool takes the decision making out of your hands into the hands of the professionals.  We eliminate the hassle of evaluating electric and natural gas offerings while at the same time providing expertise not readily available to the residential marketplace.

We shop the market, we negotiate the terms, and we execute natural gas and electricity contracts on your behalf.


How it Works

Sign up online to be enrolled in the pool

Once enrolled, TAG will add your accounts to the current negotiated contracts and send a confirmation email  

TAG continues to negotiate prices and contract terms and as the pool grows, so does the buying power. Whenever prices are updated, the pool will be notified via email. There are never any fees and you can leave the pool at any time without penalty.

*By submitting this form you will be placed in Taurus Advisory Group’s pool of residential customers.

NO Hassle


NO Fees

NO Confusion

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