Price Risk Management 

With over 30,000 energy supply agreements executed, Taurus has to the expertise to move faster and more accurately than the competition. We offer an array of sourcing options from Sealed Bids to Reverse Online Auctions to fit any customers' need.

Once a strategy has been chosen we will begin benchmarking market prices by soliciting sealed bids from each participant on the same day. These offerings are then disseminated based on price competitiveness, terms and conditions, and overall reliability of the potential vendors. These bids are executable and can be hedged as the market allows.


For customers who have the ability to sign at a moment’s notice, TAG utilizes a Reverse Online Auction platform to source the lowest possible price. We invite each bid participant to an online platform where they can bid on your account until time expires or the bidding discontinues.


This is a more traditional way in sourcing prices, but can be extremely effective when assisting more unique customers. Customers who look to engage special contract language and product offerings can trust that our team has the ability to ensure transparency from suppliers.

Clients who engage us also benefit from our library of previously negotiated contract language. TAG can tailor any supplier agreement based on your individual needs in a timely manner.

Our negotiated contract language also allows qualified clients access to product offerings not currently available to the general public.

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