Taurus Advisory Group provides the highest quality sustainability programs to reduce carbon emissions. From measuring your carbon footprint to managing the process of offsetting your emissions and marketing the results, TAG has the experience to assist companies, large and small, to exceed their sustainability goals.


Product Offering

Green-E Certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs): Offset your carbon footprint by procuring electricity from renewable resources for any percentage of your portfolio.

BEF Water Restoration Certificate (WRCs): Each certificate created represents 1000 gallons of water restored on your behalf. The certificate is verified by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and allows customers to directly contribute to water restoration.

Global Products - Offset carbon emissions in Europe, Japan, Australia, and Singapore through a number of products similar to RECs.

Set goals and track progress toward reducing your emissions.

Measure how your emissions reductions affect the environment.

Procure products sourced from renewable energy that matters to our clients. We can bid out local renewable energy or a blend of the cheapest national sources.

For those with international footprints, we can assist in sourcing products to offset emissions across Europe, Japan, Australia and South America.

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